Surf Knit Board Cover - Fish/Hybrid

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A stretchy and stylish surfboard sock that protects your beloved fish or hybrid.

Our Surf Knit Board Cover keeps your board clean and helps shield it from pesky scuffs and UV rays.

It’s hard enough keeping your board safe in a crowded lineup—preserving it during transportation and storage should be the easy part. Help protect your board’s surface from damaging UV and silly scratches (seatbelts, doorways, and floors, we’re thinking of you) with our super soft knit sock that won’t fall apart like other ones. Keep dirt and dust off its surface, and ensure wax stays on your board, and not in your car. 

Stretchy fabric made of recycled plastic comes in various sizes.

Key Features Include:

  • Durable knit material helps protect the board from scratches, UV damage, and grime
  • 3-dimensional stretch fits the contours of your board perfectly
  • Full coverage with drawstring keeps wax from smearing during transport
  • Colors inspired by Italian furniture designs for a simple, stylish look
  • Produced from 100% ocean-bound recycled plastic to reduce pollution

Sizing:  Board Covers fit true to size. If your board has extra volume, we recommend sizing up one size. Please contact us for custom sized orders.


    Color: Blue Bird

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