About Us

We started Clean Ocean Designs because we felt that there was a need for high quality & environmentally conscious surf products.

With a can do spirit we set off to create our dream company from scratch. Partnering with innovative material suppliers and forward thinking manufacturers, we began to re-look at the way things are made. Rather than just creating stuff, we like to define a meaningful purpose for each of our products. In the case of our first product “Mariner Mat” the purpose is to help take care of your wetsuit, so it can be used for many seasons to come.




Oliver Parker - Founder




With an insatiable curiosity for the way things are made, Oliver has spent his days navigating the ins and outs of many of his passions. Growing up in Santa Barbara, surfing quickly became his main focus which evolved into a love of the ocean and a career as a Professional Longboarder. Oliver is also a chef, who loves to work with seasonal organic ingredients to create memories around the table. It's safe to say that rolling his sleeves up and digging in is what comes naturally, and has been the driving force behind Clean Ocean Designs.







Billy Smith - Materials Consultant  




A hand on the pulse of sustainable materials and the latest manufacturing methods. Billy leads the team of inspired industrial designers at the Bay Area product development consultancy Bilio, which he started in 2015. A industry veteran, Billy developed over 100 surf products including the entire wetsuit range while at Patagonia. With a natural ability to flow through challenges and constraints, Billy provides a wealth of knowledge and manufacturing experience to the development of Clean Ocean Designs product.






Lawrence Dillon - Industrial Design





Bringing ideas to life, from the ordinary into extraordinary! Lawrence has an unrivaled passion for organic and attractive Industrial Design. His deep understanding of functional design helps us remove the barriers of dated linear supply chains that hinder the impact we can make in our industry. Lawrence opens up new channels of communication throughout the creative process and has helped our dreams become a reality.