The more pro-earth products that exist, the better off our environment is. Plus, we’re product design nerds. 

That’s why we’re an open source, looking to share our knowledge of sustainable materials and manufacturing processes with like-minded creatives and entrepreneurs. Our design standards encourage environmental solutions rather than more challenges for future generations.

Here is how we approach the design process:

  1. Empathize - Good design starts with empathy, not ego. We think about the question: How can we fill the gap between consumers’ values and the products they commit to?
  2. Define - With our POV defined, we pinpoint the specific functional and environmental goals of a product. 
  3. Ideate - This is where we activate our research and engagement by entering into the design feedback loop. We apply new manufacturing technologies.
  4. Prototype - From the drawing board to simple mockups, the prototyping phase is where the project begins to take flight.