Epic times outside usually require gear. Sure, you can throw that gear in the trunk of your car, a basket, or whatever random bags are lying around. These options can get your stuff from point A to point B, typically in one piece. 

But here’s the sitch. Dry and clean gear should stay dry and clean. Wet and smelly gear shouldn’t get everything else wet and smelly. You should be able to haul your stuff in as few containers—and trips to the car—as possible. And no one should have to waste hours cleaning the sand, dirt, and stink from bags that were never meant for adventures. 

We built our heavy-duty Gear Hauler Tote to solve all those problems—and then some. After all, between weather, conditions, travel, carpooling, and everything else that comes with our time outside, the last thing we want to cause us any headaches is the way we carry our gear. 


What’s so special about our Gear Hauler Tote Bag?

Our tote bag isn’t only ultra-functional and durable, but it’s also sustainably made, so you can feel good about using it. 


Our rugged gear hauler is constructed to carry outdoor adventure gear that other bags can’t handle. This means it has:

  • an ideal volume of 48.5 liters for ample packing space without being overly bulky in your hand or on your shoulder.
  • waterproof material to keep dry gear dry or prevent wet gear from getting other things wet.
  • a tear-resistant build that can handle loads of up to 70 pounds.
  • a molded rectangular bottom to keep the bag upright and prevent contents from spilling out onto the ground and in the car. 
  • an easy-to-clean interior and exterior (just rinse and hang out to dry).
  • a small internal zip pocket for keys, phones, and other can’t-lose items. 


Our tote prioritizes quality—while also prioritizing sustainability. 

At COD, we make durable, high-end outdoor goods using innovative materials for healthier oceans. The Gear Hauler Tote is made with ECOPAK™ material, which upcycles plastic water bottles and consists of 100% recycled polyester components.




What Activities Can It Be Used For?

You can use the Gear Hauler Tote for whatever goods need carrying. Groceries? Gym clothes? Bouquets? Kids’ sporting equipment? Random trinkets during a move-in day? There’s really no limit to what kinds of items you can haul, so long as they’re under 70 pounds.


That being said, the hauler tote was specifically made to elevate outdoor adventures. Here are a few of our favorite uses. 

Surfing and Diving

Damp wetsuits, boots, and other water gear are infamous for stinking up, well, everything. Then, of course, there’s the damage that salt water can do to fabrics and surfaces.

Use our sustainable tote bag to hold your water-logged wetsuits, boots, leashes, snorkels, or ponchos, keeping them neatly contained as you travel from ocean to car to rinse-off station.

Camping & Van Life-ing

When you’re living outside, grime, dirt, and bugs are inescapable. That’s where our bag’s rectangular bottom and stiff build come in handy, keeping your items from spilling onto the ground. 

It’s also great for damp shower spaces, allowing you to easily access your items while protecting them from wet floors and walls. 

Fishing Trips

Fishing involves a lot of gear, and our 48.5-liter hauler helps minimize the number of bags you have to lug around. It’s ideal for short fishing boots, small tackle boxes, containers of live bait, tools, sunscreen, and other fishing day essentials. 

For those who opt for inshore or freshwater spots, the upright construction will keep your gear away from pesky sand and dirt. And when it’s time to load the car, the waterproof material can save your trunk from saltwater and that lingering fishy stench.

Snowy Mountain Days

For snowy ski days (and rainy ones too, although we hope you don’t get many of those), the Gear Hauler Tote is your perfect companion. Its ample capacity provides enough space for winter essentials, including snow boots, ski jackets, ski helmets, and gloves—or, for the foodies out there, a hefty amount of tailgating ingredients. 

The tote's rugged, waterproof material also ensures your gear stays dry in the wettest and slushiest of parking lots. 

Family Beach Days

Whether you’re a lots-of-beach-toys family, a picnic-date couple, or a simple towel-drink-sunscreen solo tripper, the Gear Hauler Tote can make your beach day a breeze. 

Use it to keep sand and grime out of your car (beach toys, used towels and bathing suits, and sticky sunscreen bottles, we’re thinking of you), or use it to store a change of clean clothes and shoes for the family. 

Upgrade Your Adventure Days

While these are some of our favorite uses, our Gear Hauler Tote really is versatile for urban adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts alike. 

If you want the sustainable hauling bag for your excursions or know someone who needs one, check out our durable, heavy-duty Gear Hauler Tote Bag! And if you have one, let us know what you think—we love to hear from our community. 


We hope you enjoyed this piece on why our sustainable Gear Hauler Tote is an essential companion for outdoor expeditions. For stories of surf, family, and fly fishing from a Santa Barbara native, check out this feature

Wishing you a great time outdoors, with whatever it is that you love to do. -COD 

Written by Megan Monte

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