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Dune • Mariner Mat

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Designed to extend the life of your wetsuit while keeping you elevated. We realize that getting in and out of gear in parking lots and at the beach is when wetsuits receive the most wear. Now you can get in and out of your surf gear comfortably with the Mariner Mat. Ultra cushioning and resilient 3D compression molded changing mat. Made of a high quality environmentally-conscious biomaterial. 

Dimensions: 29.5" wide - 19" high - and 1" thick. 

Each mat is made with 31g of algae biomass, returning 155 liters of fresh water to the habitat, and 97 cubic meters of air is returned to the atmosphere. The compression molding process produces very little manufacturing waste and gives the mat its unique look and durable construction. We package the Mariner Mats using 100% recycled paper with Soy based inks.


Working with bio-materials like algae to reduce our dependence on fossil fuel is at the core of our mission. We are proud to partner with BLOOM foam, transforming algae buildup into our durable and environmentally sound utility mat. With your support we can have a measurable impact on freshwater and marine ecosystems.