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Frequently asked questions about recycling

At Clean Ocean Design we consider the entire life cycle of our products. From the initial phases of development we are thinking about the 4 R’s - Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose, Recycle. Here you can find some frequently asked questions and resources for when you are done with our products. 


What is the Mariner Mat made from? 


The Mariner Mat is made from Bloom Foam, which is an algae-based Bio alternative to conventional EVA Foam. The algae content offsets the use of Petrochemicals and harvesting of algae cleanses water and removes Co2 from the environment. 


Is it possible to recycle the Mariner Mat? 


It is possible to recycle the Mariner Mat at a recycling facility that takes EVA, but typically household recycling collection will not take EVA. as part of our commitment to do the least amount of harm to the environment, we are actively looking for easy solutions for our customers to recycle our products. 


Is the Mariner Mat biodegradable?


The Mariner Mat has not been tested for bio degradation, but the Algae content does act as food for microbes in an anaerobic environments such as a landfill. We are currently looking into new additives which would further make the material biodegradable. 


What is the lifespan of the Mariner Mat?


We built the Mariner Mat with the intention for it to be a life-long product. It will not degrade in the sun or when exposed to salt water. If you are through with your Mariner Mat, we would be happy to recycle it for you or send you some suggestions of how to repurpose it. Please contact us at for assistance.  

Surf Knit Board Cover - Recycling resource and FAQ’s. 


What are the Surf Knit Board Covers made from? 


They are made from Polyester and Recycled PET. We are currently working on a recycled marine plastic yarn to support the collection of marine plastic pollution.


How are the Surf Knit Board Covers manufactured? 


They are made using a computerized knitting system which produces nearly zero manufacturing waste. There are no scraps and no weak seams in the body of the board cover. 


Is it possible to recycle the Surf Knit Board Cover? 


Polyester and PET fabric is 100% recyclable through local textile recycling organizations like Simple Recycling we are happy to help you find a local collection site, please contact us at 


Is the Surf Knit Board Cover biodegradable?


The board covers are not biodegradable, we recommend repairing them when possible and repurposing or recycling after that. 


What is the lifespan of the Board Cover? 


We have tested the covers and they have held up well under heavy use for multiple years. They are easily repaired if cut or torn which has happened with contact to sharp metal objects. We stand by our products and are happy to repair or send a repair kit if your Board Cover is damaged. No questions asked, please contact: